Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Craft Area

      I have been so busy between work and creating cards. My most favorite thing to do. I had a bunch of cards made and was beginning to drown in them. So I made up packets of 20 and took them to work. Well they were such a big hit I have had several ask for more. So I have been busy working on them.

     I also just moved in to a new craft room my honey has made for me. We had a living room & family room. We never use the living room so he added a wall and door so now I have moved out of the family room and in to my own space. The pictures above are the space I was in before. Abour 5 feet wide by 5 feet long. Very narrow.
These show the space befor he made the wall and added all my stuff to the new space.Look at those wonderful windows in the front. I love all the light I get in here. Befor I didnt get any sun light in my space.

And these show my room done. Isn't he a love. I just love all the extra space and light. I can get so much more done in here and dont have to worry about the mess I leave if I have to stop in the middle of something. 
My  Husband made these cabinets years ago for part of an entertainment center. He was going to get rid of of them till I claimed them for my crafts. They are big and have lots of room for lots of stuff. well thats it for my room. Hope you have enjoyed it.

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Angie Burzee said...

The new room looks great!! That is a big difference from the room you had before and the new room!! Very nice, you have everything all organized and neat. I love it!! Good job!!!