Monday, October 19, 2009


Today is my Futrure son in laws birthday. He is a skull collector. He and my daughter enjoy all things skull. I saw this card on another blog. Thought I would try my hand in it. Hope you like it.

This is the closed view. It is 5x5.

This is it open. the birthday on the bottom holds it
up in the easel shape.

and this is the side view showing you how it works.

The main card is a 5"x10" sheet. score at 5" & 2.5". Then you need a 5"x 5" square for the front. attach the 5" x5" to the 2.5" score area to make the easel. Only attach the bottom part of the 5x5 so it will bend. I hope you can understand. Here is a direct link to directions

Have a stamping good day and don't forget this week's challenge over at

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