Thursday, November 5, 2009

Craft Area

I spent most of yesterday afternoon & last night cleaning and rearranging my craft area. So while it clean and straight I thought I would let you see where I do what I do. Better look quick it won't be this neat for long. lol

My husband made me this cool rack to put some of my punches on. He is my biggest supporter of all things crafting. He is always trying to make my area better for me and coming up with ways to make it better.

The other pic is my die cut cart. It was a Tv stand at one point. But is the perfect height for under my counter and is on wheels so it can roll out.


Sew Many Cards said...

Oh Georgia- You have a wonderful room-wanna trade?

Vee said...

Wow!!! Georgia this is a fab space. Mine is about the same size but needs some serious reorganizing. You've inspired
xx Vee