Friday, October 29, 2010

Blast from the Past

Wow what a title. This post is about things done back in the 70's. Ok I Know I'm dating my self. Somewhere around 1974 - 1976. I was between 11 & 13. My Step Mom Passed away over 5 years ago and Bless her she kept everything. I was going through some stuff this morning looking for a roll of tape and found the box of things she had kept for me. I decided to go through it and actually takea good look. What I found:

Early proof of card making. I was making my own cards and envelopes even befor it was popular.{lol} I don't think I did too bad back then. I guess it was meant for me to make cards and other paper crafts. I totally wish I could give my step mom a hug and thank her once again for instilling a love of crafting in to my life. She was a crafter if ever there was one. She was the orignal recycler. She bargain hunted and could tell you where to find the best deals on craft stuff. You never knew what she would come up with.  She truly is missed.


Lola said...

That really is SO special. It's wonderful that you appreciated her and her efforts to be your "mom." I too save everything of Bean's and hope some day she will come across them just like you did today.

Kelly said...

Georgia, what a beautiful tribute to your step mom. Sounds like she was a great inspiration to you. Yes, I too keep everything the boys make for can you throw it out when yopu know how hard they worked on it for you.

Gram's Treasures said...

Georgia, thanks for sharing...we all hope to be appreciated like that. We just have to hope our spouses don't clear out that 'stuff' when they find it. Great card for TCC, there is no separate comment section that I can find.
Joyce xx