Thursday, March 11, 2010

Craft Area

I finnally got some pictures taken of my new craft area. My Honey is the best. He is always triing to make me more comfortable in my work space.I will first show a couple before pics.
Now I will show some of the after he got done. Please keep in mind I am still working on putting everything away.

This is my sewing area. It is now seperate from my other craft areas.

Now he has moved my two upright cabinets to the end of the room and removed the center counter. Placed two eight feet counters on either side of four foot counter that used to be part of the old section. I now have all my paper next to me on the right instead of across the room.
In one of the photos I see two of my little babies slipped in. Tinker is on the floor under my counter and Oreo on the back of the love seat.  I share my area with my husband and the big screen TV. The love seat is right in the front of my counter facing the TV. I am so much happier with this arrangement. It is all laid out so well. That is it for now.
I have a stampin up get together tonight. I will try and post what we make some time this week end if possible. But I do have to work so it may be on Monday. Have a great day and happy crafting.


Sew Many Cards said...

I'm so jealous Georgia!!!!
Your room is perfect :)


Tany Sol said...

I want to live here :(
Awesome spase!!! :)